Biodegradable polymers



Nutripol is researching and developing biodegradable polymers out of renewable resources for many applications such as packaging films for food and non-food, plastic bags, shrink wrap, pakaging wrap and more.

Nutripol has developed a biodegradable polymer which only needs 60% of the energy normaly consumed for producing traditional oil-based polymers.

Nutripol's biodegradable polymer is a price-competitive, strong, clear, fire-retardant polymer and its properties are designed to mimic the petroleum-based polymers.

Nutripol's new biodegradable polymer can be extruded, blow molded or injection molded into clear, strong plastic films without using any chemical additives such as plasticizers. All this without modifying existing equipment!

This means while decomposing and degradation Nutripol's biodegradable polymer will not leach any chemicals into the environment and soil. Nutripol's biodegradable polymer is based on renewable resources which have no direct impact on the food supply, while other bioplastics are based on starch from corn or potato.